Visit to the facilities of Svenska Skogsplantor AG in Lagan, 17th - 18th November 2016

The seed production facility of the Svenska Skogsplantor AG in Lagan is the biggest seedproducer in Sweden. It produces about 60% of the domestically used seeds. Members of the Research School visited the facility and got the possiblity to look at all the different steps of seed production. 

Lagan - 1 Meeting.jpgLagan - 21 visiting Skogsplantor seed processing.jpgLagan - 3 visiting Skogsplantor seed orchard.jpg  
Members of the research school infront of the seed extraction facility (left), in the seed extraction facility (middle) and visiting the seed orchard (right).

2015 Annual Meeting of the New Industrial Graduate Research School in Forest Genetics, Botehchnology and Breeding, Falun

On the 27th and 28th of October 2015 the Research School had its annual meeting at the headquaters of Stora Enso in Falun, Sweden. Stora Enso is one of the industrial partners of the research school and is actively taking part in the education of PhD students. Included in the two days program was a visit at the Falun Copper mine.

The members of the Research School were not only visiting the Stora Enso headquarters but also invited to a guided tour at the World Heritage site
of the Falun Copper Mine.

Visit to NorraTimber, 1st October 2015

On 1st of October 2015 the PhD students of the Industrial Research School visited the sawmill NorraTimber in Sävar, Sweden.
The PhD students got a guided tour through the facilities of the NorraTimber sawmill in Sävar (Photo: R Garcia-Gil).