Student: Bodil Häggström

In sustainable forestry, successful forest regeneration is key for the continued desirable stand development. The current climate change creates new challenges for forest regeneration with potential large variation in weather during the seedling establishment phase. New forest regeneration systems need to be developed, and an exciting development is currently under way, transferring new basic knowledge into efficient regeneration systems. The methods include modification of seedlings’ growth conditions to meet the variable growth environment. The knowledge we in this project intend to transform into practical methods involves, for example, how forest plants interact with the surrounding soil environment and its microorganisms, how different environmental factors control the establishment of tree seedlings and how climate change can affect the conditions for forest regeneration in different parts of Sweden.

Supervisor: Annika Nordin (SLU, Umeå)
Co-supervisor: Jonas Öhlund (Skogforsk)
Co-supervisor/Industry partner: Gisela Björse (Sveaskog)