Vad är den genetiska bakgrunden till trädhybriders dramatiskt ökade tillväxt? Hur kan denna kunskap användas för att optimera eukalyptushybriders produktivitet?

Heterosis or increased fitness of offspring resulting from hybridization is a well-known phenomenon. There are several theories as to why heterosis arises, for example, harmful alleles are masked in the hybrids. However, there was relatively a few numbers of studies that looked at the genetic basis of heterosis. This project intends to study the genetic basis of hetero-in hybrid using materials available in the breeding program for eucalyptus hybrids in forest research. Parents as well as large number hybrid genotypes are still available and are already evaluated for a large variety of properties such as growth. These individuals will be genome sequenced and analyzed to map the genetic basis of heterosis.

Host Company: Stora Enso Skog

PhD student: Biyue Tan
Supervisors: Pär Ingvarsson,
Harry Wu and Björn Sundberg (Industry Supervisor)

Presentation from the 2nd general meeting