Hur kan vi optimera tillväxten av barrträdsplantor i en modern planta plantskola?

Efficient production of conifer seedlings is based on rapid growth, driven by high rates of fertilizer application. However, following planting in the field seedlings must cope with various forms of biotic and abiotic stresses and the cultivation practices may not be optimal for seedlings to meet these stresses. The major stresses experienced by recently planted conifer seedlings include drought and herbivory, and the morphology and biochemical composition of the seedlings are important determinants for how they cope with these events. We suggest that the relative rates of acquisition of carbon and nitrogen will determine the internal balance of C and N in seedlings, which in turn will shape seedling morphology and biochemistry. This project will thus focus on the fundamental processes of C and N acquisition in conifer seedlings, with the goal of establishing new cultivation practices for large-scale seedling production.

Host Company: Holmen Skog

PhD student: Julia Haas
Supervisors: Torgny Näsholm (Main supervisor),
Vaughan Hurry, Nathaniel Street, Erik Normark (Industry Supervisor)